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Inspiring Music Through Recovery

*TW- reference to Eating Disorders*

Who is Samantha Nicole?

Samantha Nicole is an 18 year-old singer/songwriter from the UK, taking inspiration from the modern day world, her own life and experience in recovery. In collaboration with her brother, DJ and producer Adam Webb, she released her debut single ‘Stay a While’ on Valentines day 2020.

Samantha and Adam are developing a unique sound palette fusing salvaged LoFi and punchy hip hop with breathy and emotional lyricism. She is now preparing for her second major release entitled “Her”.

What first got you into music?

We’ve always been a musical family, from heavy metal in the car with my dad or a classical record at my Grandpa’s house- I was constantly listening to music somewhere!

I went to my first concert when I was 7 and since then I completely fell in love with the art of song writing and expressing myself through music.

Are there any artists who particularly inspire you?

My personal music taste is quite broad. Sometimes I love to listen to jazz, whereas other times I’m in the mood for brit pop. Due to this I find new ideas from a variety of artists and their different music styles. However, my one biggest inspiration for songwriting is Phoebe Bridgers. If I’m ever in a motivation slump I always turn to her songs to get me back on track!

(Sam's New Single 'Her', with brother Adam Webb)

What inspired your new song? / How have your past experiences shaped your music?

‘Her’ is all about coming to terms with my past and using it to help me grow into the person I am today. In my early teenage years I battled an eating disorder that caused me to lose hope in all aspects of my life. Recovering from that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also the best decision of my life.

My time in hospital helped me to reflect on my past and use it as a muse for my lyrics.

What do you hope that people will gain from the message of the song?

I hope this song can inspire people to let go of things that may be holding them back from happiness. It’s so important to look into the future rather than the past and focus on the person we can become instead of who we may have been. For others who may have been through a difficult experience in life, hopefully ‘Her’ can help them see that they are stronger than their trauma, and recovery is 100% possible!

How was the recording process during lockdown and what was it like working with your brother, Adam?

It’s been absolutely brilliant! It’s definitely a challenge to record to the standard that we like without a professional studio, yet I think that’s why we love making music so much. It feels like such a natural process and it’s a very fun experience. We bounce ideas off each other really well which helps us to find our own unique sound. Adam is a very talented producer, he’s extremely motivated by making music and this shows in his songs. I can’t wait to write more!

When will the song be released?

'Her' will be available to stream and own on Friday the 19th February - we are also offering a preorder on Valentines day for eager listeners!

Spotify pre-save link:

Do you have any plans for future music?

The day after we submitted 'Her' for release, Adam showed me a LoFi-Hip Hop instrumental he’s been working on. After an hour we wrote and recorded all the vocals - creativity was flowing and the song practically wrote itself!

Our next single will be called ‘Lost Touch’ and we are particularly excited about it. We are always refining and discovering our sound and look forward to another major release in the coming months.

Make sure to pre-save 'Her' here!

To listen to Sam's previous track 'Stay a While, visit:


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