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Format and style


We enjoy publishing a range of writing styles at Mouthy Mag, including personal or observational essays, reviews, perspective articles, interviews etc. When deciding what type of piece you'd like to write, please indicate this in your pitch.

We like to publish pieces that are conversational and punchy in tone. We like our articles to be thoughtful, with a necessary dose of humour where appropriate.

Before you pitch to us, please do your research. Read Mouthy and make sure your idea is original and not something we have already covered.


We are so grateful that people often choose to share their personal experiences with us in their writing. However, we are aware that some topics may be difficult to write about and explore. Due to this, we encourage writers not to feel pressured to open up about topics that might have a negative impact on their mental health or be triggering to them in any way. In instances where speaking about these topics might well be a helpful and healthy outlet for many, we are also happy to publish pieces anonymously.

Please also note that this magazine is not monetised, so we are unfortunately unable to offer payment to our writers at this current time.


Planning & pitching


We request that you submit a pitch prior to submitting a draft of your article. This should include:

  • details of the themes you will cover

  • estimated length

  • your main argument and points

  • any sources used /interviewees involved


When trying to convey an impactful message or story, your delivery matters. 

Please make sure your piece is well thought out and cohesive before submitting to us.



Referencing & proofreading

Articles MUST be fact-checked and referenced when they include third-party information.

When referencing other material, please include citations or links in your draft so that we can include them in the published version.

This also goes for any images or videos that you would like to include, or we will likely include our own based on relevancy.

Please make sure you proofread your work before submitting it to us, particularly checking for spelling and punctuation mistakes. While we appreciate the time that goes into writing, it can be frustrating to read copy with repetitive errors. While we are happy to suggest edits and proofread for mistakes, if we receive an article with excessive errors we reserve the right to edit or reject pieces submitted to us.


submit here

Thanksyou for your submission! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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